• Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Course Syllabus:

Week 1

  • Introduction of Quality Assurance and importance of QA
  • Introduction of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
  • Different types of software testing, methods and testing tools
  • Software Development Methodology – Agile Model, Waterfall Model
  • Introduction to Google Docs (Word, Excel, Presentation and calendar)

Week 2

  • Configuration management tools
  • Overview of test management and bug tracking tools
  • Bug Reporting process and tools
  • Introduction to types of projects and its test strategy

Week 3

  • Introduction to specification/requirement document and its elements
  • Guide writing a Software Requirements Specification Documents
  • Knowledge of creating test scenario
  • Knowledge of Test Plan and test plan writing
  • Bug life cycle / Defect life cycle and its stages

Week 4

  • Introduction to test case, its components and sample formats
  • Test case writing best practices
  • What is bug report and its components?
  • API Testing
  • Introduction of database and SQL Basic queries

Week 5

  • Introduction to testing server and go live process
  • How to test the system and update the test cases process
  • UAT process and “Show and tell”
  • Document the system information for future references
  • Document preparation for live deployment

Week 6

  • Introduction to User Manual/User Guide and instruction of user manual writing
  • Introduction of Release Notes
  • Instruction writing Release Notes regarding recent changes, enhancements and bug fixes
  • Role of QA in system support