• AutoCad

AutoCAD Course Syllabus:


1.    Introduction to AutoCAD Components. (2 hrs)

  • Hardware, software, basic knowledge in Auto-CAD, drawing icons, pull-down menus & other basic concepts of drawing utilities used in CAD.

2. Creating Drawings (Setting of Drawing) (2 hrs)

  • Units, Limits, Snap grid ortho, Dimension style, polar, saving types etc.

3.   Coordinate System  (2 hrs)

  • World / Global /Absolute / Relative/ Polar Coordinate System.

4.  Drawing commands /objects toolbar (4 hrs)

  • Several commands are there (in horizontal/vertical toolbar), which are line, points, Text, Solid filled Polyline Meline/ Multiline, Hatching, Construction line, Spline, Explode and related tutorials etc.

5.    Display of Drawing (2 hrs)

  • Regen, Redraw, Zoom, Pan View, Viewports and related tutorials etc.

6.    Selecting & Editing of Drawing objects (4 hrs)

  • Various types of objects selection methods, Erase, Copy, Move, Mirror, Offset and related tutorials etc.

7.    Organization of Drawing Works (2 hrs)

  • Linetypes, Colours, Layers and related tutorials etc.

8.    Information in a grouping of objects(2 hrs)

  • Creating blocks, W block and related tutorials etc.

9.    Placement of text & Dimensioning, Editing of Text & Dimensioning etc. in AutoCAD (2 hrs)

10.   Drafting of different Components in AutoCAD (6 hrs)

  • basically building drawing drafting based above tools like: Plans, elevations, sections and various types of related Tutorials etc.

11.    Method of Plotting & Printing in AutoCAD(2 hrs)

  • Plotting through Model Space and layout Space using proper scale.