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ArcGIS Courses

ArcGIS Courses :-

Google Earth and GIS installation with introduction —————————- 1 Session

  • Online Google Earth Pro, ARCGIS 10.5 and online QGIS setup


First Project 1:

GPS-Google Earth interaction and map making in google earth ——————–   2,3 Sessions

  • Download of gpx file from GPS,
  • Opening of gpx file in Google Earth,
  • Introduction of tools in Google Earth,
  • Elevation profile in Google Earth,
  • Google Earth options,
  • Plotting of canal, headworks and command area from gpx to Google Earth,
  • Drawing of canal, catchment and command area in Google Earth,
  • Editing of different features and making map in Google Earth.


Secondly Project 2:

GPS-Google Earth-GIS interaction and map making in GIS ——————— 4,5,6 Sessions

Using Different GIS tools and Projection and Transformations

  • Using same gpx file converting them into kml file,
  • Plotting of kml file to ArcGIS,
  • Introduction of vector files,
  • Plotting of other district data,
  • Introduction to Fcode,
  • Projection and transformations,
  • Arc Catalogue,
  • Conversion of Graphics to features and vice versa,
  • Raster to vector and vice versa,
  • Different GIS tools: Clip, batch clip, merge, etc
  • Attribute table data,
  • Data frame properties,
  • Symbiology,
  • Label setting,
  • Working with multiple data frame and plot setting,
  • Layout and printing setup in GIS.


Further Project 3:

DEM download from USGS and delineation of catchment area and making map in GIS — 7,8,9 Sessions

  • Download of DEM from SRTM, NASA Earth Explorer, Earth data, JAXA
  • Spatial Analyst tools,
  • Catchment delineation,
  • Introduction to raster data,
  • Fill,
  • Description of flow direction,
  • Description of flow accumulation,
  • Watershed delineation,
  • Conversion of raster to polygon,
  • Calculation of catchment area,
  • Raster calculator,
  • Field calculator,
  • Print layout,
  • Map making processes.


Additionally Project 4:

Delineation of catchment area and map making in ArcGIS ————————-  10,11 Sessions

  • Use of same DEM,
  • Fill,
  • Strahler,
  • Projection and transformation,
  • Attribute table data,
  • Data frame properties,
  • Upslope,
  • Calculation of catchment area,
  • Raster calculator,
  • Field calculator,
  • Layout and map making.


Last Project 5:

Geo-referencing and Digitization ———————————- 12 Session

  • Snipping of map from Google Earth,
  • Geo-referencing of snipped map,
  • Digitization of map using Arc-Catalogue, and adding of new features and classes,
  • Editor———–à> Start editing ——–à> make Road, River, House, Forest, Cultivation
  • Calculation of Area, length and coordinates in Attribute table
  • Making map in Arc-GIS.

ArcGIS Courses creates maps that require categories organized as layers. 


Download of topo points from Google Earth,


Save X,Y,Z data in txt file,

Plot them in GIS,

Make Contour and DEM.



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