• Advanced PHP Training

PHP Training in Nepal (Advanced)

The training deals with a fast, pragmatic, flexible and widely used open source scripting language PHP that is specially designed for web development. Thus, PHP training course has been designed to develop and groom the web development skills of emerging web enthusiasts and address the increasing global demand of PHP developers.

Course highlights:

PHP training course has been mostly designed for web development. Broadway has designed a widely accepted PHP learning course that has been divided into three fundamentals. Fundamental one is designed for beginner with a solid foundation in the PHP language which guides you through the basics of PHP, second fundamental is designed for intermediate PHP developers, and third fundamental is designed for proficient PHP programmers seeking advanced level training.

Syllabus outline:

The PHP training course covers the following topics:

Background and history of PHP, incorporating PHP into HTML, processing form data, validating form data, sending email from a web page, embedded “include” and “require” files, exporting data, importing data, creating re-useable function, password protecting pages and data, troubleshooting, further reading and exploration and so on.

Benefits of PHP Training in Nepal:

  • High demand of PHP developers
  • Environment to make oneself stand our in a competitive environment
  • Quick results for projects that are in-demand in Nepal
  • Huge internship and job opportunities for up-and-coming PHP developers
  • Self web-development is also entertained in Nepal

Benefits of PHP Training in Broadway Infosys Nepal:

Upon completion of PHP training from Broadway, any trainee can be benefited in following ways:

  • Availability of enough training materials and resources.
  • Ability to Use PHP driven dynamic content
  • Highly qualified and experienced PHP instructors
  • Job placement opportunities as web developers for deserving PHP trainees
  • Conversion of novice PHP programmers to experts
  • Comparatively less cost of learning PHP

Why Advanced PHP MySQL Training

  • Open Source, PHP is completely free.
  • PHP can be easily embedded directly into HTML.
  • Platform independent, it can run on Windows Linux or Mac servers.
  • Runs faster on the internet and easily integrates AJAX, Callback etc.
  • Interfaces very easily with Apache/MySQL
  • Lots of good books and on-line help.
  • It’s available with documentation in many languages.
  • Easy to learn compared to many other scripting languages. It has a syntax that is easy to parse and is actually rather human-friendly.
  • Lots of hosting services having it ready to use, no special configuration.
  • Pretty easy to access other web-based tools through PHP i.e. google maps, etc.
  • Lots of good source code out there to use and/or learn from, and many useful libraries for working with PDFs, graphics, etc.

Pre-requisites for Advanced PHP Training

Students attending this PHP training course should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS. Prior knowledge of any programming language like C, C++ will be an advantage in better understanding of the environment.