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We are situated at the prime location of Kathmandu city, Near Balkumari Bridge opposite to CCRC College, Uptown Building Second Floor. We are here to solve the real student problem mainly those are raise in IT career. It provides quality in way that Software Company uses the knowledge while developing the software. We provide Best IT courses in Nepal like  Software training, Internship & Development to the student so, that they can have the knowledge of full SDLC. After completion of training student will fell like a 2-3 years experienced developer. We are providing Leadership skill, lifetime support to student.


Our Specialties

We teach students in an online environment. This transition is driven by social distancing rules globally, as well as the fact that many students are still overseas. Parents are still unwilling to send their children back into classrooms for fear of contracting COVID19. There are also logistical issues with getting and distributing textbooks and workbooks to students. We are working to enhance quality education and access through the integration of technology and providing open access to quality education and innovative learning environments to children.


We provide education-focused digital learning courses that can be access through the Internet. Students can browse through various sections looking for courses they like, or they can search for specific chapters based on course name. We use digitalization to improve the current educational system, understanding the need to modernize Nepal’s traditional learning methods. Coding technology is willing to work to make a digital effect in the existing education system by combining our knowledge with cutting-edge technology. We present blended learning technology, which combines academic knowledge with practical and case-based information.

At Coding Technology, all the students can get Best IT courses in Nepal.



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